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Why do I need a mobile site for my business?

  • 1 in 7 searches are done on a mobile device - including 30% of restaurant searches.
  • 1 in 3 mobile searches are local, and the majority result in a call or visit.

Which businesses need mobile sites:

  • Restaurants (30% of mobile searches are done for restaurants). This is an absolute must!
  • Retail stores – Any and every one should have one. People are looking for your location / hours / phone number

Service based industries that need a mobile site:

  • Plumbers – a customer has leaky pipes and doesn’t have time to grab a phonebook or run upstairs to the computer. Their phone is within 3 feet.
  • Electricians – the power is out at home and no computer internet access. Phones still work.
  • Locksmiths – a customer is locked outside of their car / home and needs to get in.
  • Taxi and limo companies - people are out at the airport / shopping mall / grocery store and need a ride but don’t know who to call.

Mobile Website only $50 setup and $12.95/month

*You must currently have a website to get mobile website.
*You must be able to edit your current website to add the mobile site redirect code yourself. If you are not able to, there will be a small fee.

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