Before You Hire A Discount Website Designer
Consider the following:

  • A company website is an investment - one that can yield powerful returns when done properly.
  • Is an "ok" website built on the cheap going to provide a higher Return On Investment than a GREAT website that costs significantly more? A $5000 website that generates $6K in extra income is a better than a $200 website that generates no income, or worse causes a customer to go somewhere else.
  • Your business Website is often the first impression seen by potential new customers. Are you willing to let that impression be low-quality, cutting corners, or cookie-cutter work?
  • A discount web developer could actually cost more in the long run.
  • In our experience usually - but not always - websites done by "hobby developers" are either not well done or not completed. The typical result of your small amount of money and your time investment (which is precious) is that it is wasted.
  • Will the developer actually finish? Often a hobby website developer will get 80% done, but will run out of motivation to work through the last 20%.
  • Hiring a full-time website developer to fix another's work will cost more than just hiring the full-time developer initially.
  • When you need to make changes or fix a bug 6 months from now, will the hobby developer still be available and willing? Will circumstances change where he has other higher priorities?
  • Does the hobby developer actually have the skills to create an EFFECTIVE website?
  • We notice that hobby designers often violate the principle of website simplicity because they want to use new add-ons and widgets they have just learned about
  • In our experience, the things that we invest value in always provide a better return than those we try to get done cheap.

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