Website Blunder 1: Not Knowing What You Want From a Website

Part 1 of 3 Critical Mistakes To Avoid If You Are Needing A Website

Knowing, SPECIFICALLY, what you want from your website seems simple and obvious. However, it is often not easy to establish specifics about what you want, and the key to having a GREAT website is determining what your specific business goals are.

Ultimately, a website is a business tool. The most common business goals from a website are:
  • Lead generation and/or other types of web-based marketing
  • Communicate information with your customers, employees, and/or community
  • Generate online sales
  • Increase the image and prestige of your business

Business goals are usually a combination of some of the above (and other functions).  Since individual business goals are quite unique, it is important for you, the business owner, or manager, to consider and then communicate those goals to your web designer.

Building an EFFECTIVE website is a complex process.  Contact us today for a free consultation (by phone or just click here and we will contact you).

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