Web Blunder 3: Assuming the Website Designer is a Mind Reader

Part 3 of 3 Critical Mistakes To Avoid If You Are Needing A Website

"Just build me a great looking website." Those are the most common words that business owners say to their new web designer. However, a significant amount of communication is required to build an attractive and functional site that conveys YOUR message to YOUR target audience. Unfortunately, web developers don't automatically know what you want and what your message is.

Therefore, to get the website that you are genuinely excited about, it is extremely important to make the time to do the following:
  • Have examples and explanations of web elements and web functionality that you want included in your website
  • Commit to spend time working with your web developer to articulate your visual expectations and your overall website goals
  • Require a draft of your layout, color scheme, and logo part-way through the development process

Building an EFFECTIVE website is a complex process.  Contact us today for a free a free consultation or complete the Website Quote Form.

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