Website Design Tip - Simplicity

Perhaps the #1 website design tip that we believe in is to "Keep It Simple."

Gone are the days of cramming as much information as possible onto a webpage. A website should use as few features as are necessary to achieve what you need to achieve.

The Economy of Simplicity

  • Users’ attention is a finite resource.
  • The more "stuff" there is on a screen, the more divided the attention of the user. Therefore, only truly important "stuff" should be on a webpage.
  • The website designer’s job is to ensure users to finds the information the businesses intends them to notice. (Note - often "hobby designers" want to use new add-ons and widgets they have just learned about, which is another thing to consider before hiring a discount website developer.
  • Simplicity minimizes noise and communicates the important information.

The Classic Simple Webpage

   Google.    While competitors homepages are cluttered with information, the Google homepage continues to maintain a bare minimum display. The simple design reinforces what google is universally known for - search.

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